Merchandise Exports from India Scheme

Service Exports from India Scheme

Exports from India Schemes
There shall be following two schemes for exports of Merchandise and Services respectively:
(i) Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS).
(ii) Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS).

Key Amendments

Under SEIS
► DGFT vide Public Notice No.07/2015-
2020 has notified the list of services which
shall be eligible for benefit under SEIS where
payment has been received in Indian
Rupees. Such payment shall be treated as
receipt in Deemed Foreign Exchange as per
guidelines of Reserve Bank of India in terms
of Para 3.08(c) of FTP.
The services notified are in the nature of
Maritime Transport Services and include
rental of vessels with crew, maintenance &
repair of vessels, pushing & towing services
and supporting services for maritime
transport. A detailed list of the services has
been provided in Annexure 3E of the said
Public Notice.
► SEIS benefit has been extended to
identified services provided in a Customs
Notified Area to a foreign liner for which
payment is made in INR by the Indian Agent
out of the amount remittable to overseas
► However services provided in respect of
vessel related charges for coastal and inland
vessels and cargo related charges in respect
of coastal cargo, coastal containers and
coastal empty containers have been
excluded from the said list.
► These amendments shall be effective for
services rendered with effect from 1 April
Revised rate of reward is applicable for the
services rendered on or after 01.11.2017 till
31.03.02018. The list of notified
services/rate is subject to review with effect
from 01.04.2018.

Under MEIS
► DGFT vide Public Notice No.06/2015-
2020, has amended Table 2 [containing ITC
(HS) code wise list of product with reward
rates] of Appendix 3B by prescribing a single
rate of 2% to 5% irrespective of the country
of export for items specified in this Public
Notice, thereby extending the market
coverage of MEIS to all countries.
Prior to this amendment, for 2787 line
items out of the 5012 lines listed in Table 2,
reward benefits were available only for
some country groups and not for all country
groups. Thus, landing certificate as a proof
of landing was required to claim benefits on
such products. Since this country-wise
differentiation has now been done away
with by extending the market coverage to
all countries, landing proofs will no longer
be required to claim benefit under the MEIS
► Further, exports made prior to and after
the date of said Public Notice cannot be
clubbed in one application for receiving the
said incentive. Separate application is
required to be filed for the exports made
prior to and after the date of issuance of the
Public Notice.
► These amendments shall be effective
from the date of issuance of the public
The rates of reward under MEIS are
increased for certain products. These relate
to MSME, agriculture and labour intensive
products. The revised rates shall be
applicable for exports made effective 1
November 2017 till 30 June 2018.

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