Udyam Registration


Udyam Registration and Udyog Aadhar

  • Udyam Registration and Udyog Aadhar both are same from the 1st July 2020 because from July Udyog Aadhar Registration convert into the udyam registration process.
  • Udyog Aadhar is required only the aadhar card of the applicant and provide instant self certification as per old MSME Definition but Udyam Registration is required the GST and Pan Card both for the applicant and Provide verified certification as per the new MSME Definition.
  • Udyog Aadhar is not integrated with other govt portal like Gem and treds portal etc but Udyam Registration is fully integrated and registered during the Udyam Registration.
  • Udyog Aadhar have short form as compare to Udyam Registration but on the Udyam Portal there is long form and required the details from the Income tax & gst for the same.
  • Udyog Aadhar can apply without Aadhar Mobile Link Facility but Udyam Registration is required Only the Aadhar card which is linked with any mobile number.
  • Udyog Aadhar can be registered on multiple times with different firm name but Udyam Registration can be Registered only 1 Aadhar Card Person Applicant.

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